Friday, June 03, 2005

Finished Object Friday

So last week Noelle had a "Finished Object Friday" and I thought, what a great idea! I should do that too--it will motivate me to actually finish things or at least make progress. So today rolls around, I'm reading blogs, la dee da, and I read Noelle's latest post, awww...I totally forgot about FOF. So here's my lame attempt at a finished object.

This is my two-color, toe-up koigu sock. I started it way back in February, when I flew out to New Hampshire and Dad and I drove to Williamstown, MA to see if I could live there. There was no way I could live there, and there's no way I will knit socks on #1's again. Way too tiny needles and way too way the hell out there. I learned I was a city girl on that trip.

Here are some of the way cool flowers in our front yard. Of course, now that we're leaving is when we have all of these beautiful flowers and plants I've never seen before suddenly showing themselves. It may actually be because of all the rain we've been getting, but I like to think it is New Mexico being spiteful. Click the thumbnails to make 'em big.

And finally, this is my new obsession. I LOVE these. So cute--I'm imagining three of them, all different sizes, hung at different lengths, in different colors in front of the windows of our sunroom. Once I find the pattern, I am so there (I think it's a Fiber Trends).

image taken from Mason-Dixon Knitting


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