Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blog Fodder

I've been back for a week now, but I just haven't felt like posting. So many things are going on right now, so many of which are blog-worthy, but I guess the sheer amount of potential blog fodder is a bit overwhelming. We have a sold house in Albuquerque, we have a new house in St. Paul, I have progress on Audrey,

you know what I just noticed? Those sleeve caps are totally different sizes. ARGHHHHH. Looks like there will be some ripping...

a first Koigu sock that I didn't even bother posting about when I started it cause it was seriously 6 months ago (at that rate I will have a pair by christmas...ugh, how I wish I loved to make socks, cause I sure love to wear them...), and I have a buttload of stash enhancement, thanks in large part to the wonderful yarn shops of the Twin Cities and the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta. I am so looking forward to being somewhere where there are a myriad of yarn shops to choose from, rather that the one in town that has spotty customer service. But like I need the enabling of my addiction!

Speaking of enablers, I was very happily impressed with the Fiber Fiesta. Noelle and I decided we didn't need to drag the husbands along, and the two of us happily spent the afternoon on Thursday blowing our yarn budgets. The highlight had to be Textiles a Mano, simply beautiful, hand-dyed, made with love yarns. Laura had some absolutely lovely lace weight mohair that I kept petting and wanting to take home, but I am trying to stick with buying yarn for a specific pattern, rather than on the fly as I've done in the past. I did buy some soft-as-can-be, very lovely cotton in a aqua/seafoam color that I'm hoping to turn into a copy of Kim Hargreaves' Harmony sweater. I can't swing the UK price and shipping to get her kit, but I'm pretty sure I can design a copy myself. I also got to visit with Black Water Abbey Yarns and Marilyn, the lovely owner. She remembered me from sending me a color-card a few months back, and we chatted for a bit while I made my color choice. I picked Moss, mostly green with blue and brown mixed in--so earthy and yummy. It's going to be a simple, in-the-round gansey for the very lucky Charles, one of Tim's best friends (he's worth it). Marilyn will be at Stitches Midwest in August, so I will see if I can get someone to come to Chicago with me so I can go. But I'm not sure if the budget can handle the insanity that is Stitches.
After the budgets were blown, Noelle and I went to lunch at Cafe O, a combination comic book/video game and Asian food delight place, where I had my very first bubble tea and some very delish fresh spring rolls. Bummer that I discover this place 3 weeks before we leave ABQ for good. And double bummer that I met Noelle this late in the game. She is so sweet and I feel like we've known each other for ages. Well, we can still be online friends, right?

So yeah, we got a house. Finally. We went for two weeks, and the first week pretty much sucked. We looked at tons of houses but they were all dumps or just not "the one." Tim's mom came and looked at one we thought was "the one," but after looking at it a second time, we all said "no way." Actually, what we said was a little naughtier than that, but this is a family show. My Memere reads this, for heaven's sake! So after the horrible first week, we took a break, went to open houses on Sunday, talked to the mortgage loan guy about what payments would actually be instead of what we thought they would be, and on Monday looked at a bunch of great houses, the last of which we made an offer on, got and close on June 24th. I couldn't be happier. Cute as can be and so close to just about everything we need. We can walk everywhere, people. Charles is a bikeride away, Tim's mom is a quick hop to 94 away, and school is a five mile drive away. Can't beat it. I've only got one little crappy picture of it, 'cause numbnut that I am, I totally forgot the camera. Our house is way cuter in person, promise.

Okay, so more to come soon. I have progress on a Belize top for me, out of some smooshy silk blend I got for a STEAL in Minnesota and hopefully I will have pics of all the goodies I got at the Fiesta, if I can remember to take pictures when it is not thunderstorming. Isn't it a little early for monsoon season?


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