Thursday, April 07, 2005

The New Knitty is up!!

I already have a must-knit, Jordana Paige's Spring Fling. Totally cute. So does this mean I have to rearrange my summer knitting schedule again?

The current list:

1. The cover sweater from Rebecca 29 (the one with the Honeycomb cable details). I've already got the Bali for it in a yummy mango color.

image taken from Rebecca Online.

2. The wrap cardi from Rebecca 29. Yes, the one that everyone else is making. But it's so darn cute!

image taken from Wendy's blog, who took hers from Kristine.

3. The twist sweater in the new Vogue Knitting. I don't want to make it out of the silk that they suggest. I want the drapey-ness of the silk but not the high-maintenance and high $$$. Any suggestions?

4. Now I have to add Spring Fling. Do you think I can do it all AND move?


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